November 22, 2010

Review: Jockey underwear

I saw these knickers while browsing shops the other day, and thought they could be fantastic for riding. They're made by jockey and have little strips of silicon to stop them riding up. So I bought a pair to try out, and promised I would let my horsey friends know if they were any good.

They were a bit of effort to put on- the silicon is quite sticky, so would grab itself or stick to your leg or just not where you wanted it to. As a result, it took about 3 full minutes to get them on and sitting just how I wanted. They felt a bit weird on- but once I out jeans on they weren't even really noticeable.

I did some driving, running up and down hills (horses wanted to play catch!) and general carting things around while I had the jeans on over them without any movement. Then I got changed into jods- I was worried the undies might re-grip in the wrong place while I stuffed myself into the jods, but there were no such problems.

I rode 3 horses, a mix of flatwork and jumping and included some sitting trot. After all that there was not even the slightest hint of a creep up or movement. What I did notice was the synthetic material and silicon strips did make them feel a bit warm. Not sure how pleasant that would be in the middle of summer compared to regular cotton or bamboo knickers.

I was really impressed that they did what they said they would. I think the price is perhaps a bit steep ($25), and I doubt the silicon will stay grippy for long if you machine wash them. But I would certainly recommend them if you like your undies to stay put and not creep up.

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