November 03, 2010

Wairarapa A&P

Wairarapa A&P show last weekend - and though it was forecast to rain, I actually managed to stay dry (if a little cold). Mum had Daniel in the pleasure horses on Sunday, and after arriving and getting him all tidied up to go, a friend came over and mentioned that it was no plaiting and no jackets for the pleasure section! So it was a rushjob of unplaiting!

Can't have been too bad though - as they actually won the turnout! Woohoo! Fairly small entries - maybe 10-12 people max, but some good horses in there with many pleasure championships under their belt. Daniel went really well and picked up ribbons in most of his classes.

He won the best trotting horse too, which was nice. His flatwork is coming along really well and he looked stunning. A few hiccups further into the classes as he was getting tired (and many of the horses were by that stage).

So while they didn't come home with a wide, they had a great time (even got to go for a gallop!). Daniel will be doing the pleasure classes again at Manawatu A&P this coming weekend.

Neo was a huge disappointment. After jumping so well last weekend, I took him in the 1m on Saturday and he was a bit of a toad to warm up, but the warmup jumps were in an area with lots of spooky stuff around - so I figured he might be better in the ring. Well he just didn't listen at all - fighting with me the few times he did realise I was there at all. Leaping and reefing in front of the jumps, then getting over them quite hollow. I even tried coming back to a trot, but it didn't change anything. I don't know if he is sore or stressed? Or just being a piglet? I opted to scratch from my Sunday classes in the interests of safety (and also in case he is sore). He is not working well at home this week either - so maybe there is something owchy, he has his ears back a lot (which is unusual for him), but I can't find anything obvious and it is just so heartbreaking when it gets like that.\

Shante was entered in Saddle Hunters and Colour classes, but they changed the times and they ended up clashing. Mum decided to go for the in-hand stuff, which turned out to be a good choice. Shante didn't put a foot wrong and came home with Reserve Champ adult, as well as a trophy for the colour/markings class.

Mum did hop on afterwards and said that Shante felt a bit grumpy - but they rode around and got some more mileage under her belt. Then we got a chiro to have a look at her, and identified some issues - so hopefully we are on track to sorting that out. Many thanks to Sarah for coming along for the day to groom for the flat classes.

Gem was a dude. She bounced around in the saddle hunters and wasn't really the relaxed type they were looking for, but she didn't really do anything wrong - just a bit full of herself and the spring grass! It also gave me an excuse to use the double bits I bought ages ago for a horse who ended up going far better in a snaffle! Gem does too! But hey, at least I got to use them.. and now I won't feel bad if I sell them, because at least I've had a chance to use them.

Mum led Gem in the mare class and did the district hunter on her, then I grabbed her back for the working hunter. It really is a pleasure to ride Gem. I mean, she put in a wee pigrooty thing after the first fence, and really (really!) enjoyed the gallop! But she is just so fun, and you really can put all of your trust in her.

Xev stayed at home, I'd wanted to do flat classes on her, but have not come any closer to identifying what is making her sore - so thought better of it. I'd hate for her to associate going out with pain. Gutted for her to miss the show though (she was the right colour for the judge too! lots of greys in the lineups).

Thanks again to Sarah for grooming, and Swifty for being cameraman on Saturday. Not really sure what my plans are beyond Manawatu A&P - mostly I need to make sure all horses are feeling 100% happy and healthy! I think I need to register Gem for showjumping too.


Beckz said...

I actually sore part of your round and he did look very hot and difficult. (He is quite distinctive lol) I hope you work out whats going on soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up - you know you'd miss the horses too much!