June 03, 2012

Queens BDay - Zak

Zak has had a few weeks off, and yesterday when I got on him he was really well-behaved, I was super happy with him. Of course that meant today, when I had Swifty and the camera around we had a few occurrences of naughty Zak:

But for much of the time he was quite soft and moving forward and freely.

More boring walking pics:

Attempted some trots, most hilarious! Not sure if I have trotted him bareback before? He certainly got his back up a few times but didn't actually buck - so that is a good start!

And cutie-pie Zak:

He is still having little tantrums when he thinks he's done enough work. I'm just trying to work through them, make him work just 5 minutes longer once he's had a tantrum, and hopefully they will become less & less. I think we're getting there. Will also pop the saddle back on him either tomorrow or next weekend and see if any of the saddles I have here are fitting him properly at the moment.

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