April 30, 2013


Tempted to start this up again. Though it's winter, and I only have 2 horses... so likely it will be few & far between with the updates anyway (and boring as hell when there are updates!). The team at the moment is a bit of an odd one:

Sherbet Twist (Neo)
I've had this fella for about 6 years or more now, I think. He's 12yo and measures anywhere between 15.3 and 16.1 depending on the day and his mood. The past 3 years have been pretty awful with him - going from a happy and confident 1.15 horse looking to move up, to a neurotic difficult animal with a list of issues as long as my arm. The last round of quality time with the vet has suggested that he has an acute allergy to something outdoors. Beyond that we're not really sure. At the moment he is effectively retired, but I'm hoping to try to bring him back into work over winter and see is he is any happier and if he can return to competition at all (even if it will see him being the most high maintenance horse I've had). 

PitStop (Cody)
The new addition, had her about 6 months now (though she spent 3 of those months on rehab for an arthritic hock). 14yo stationbred mare who has competed up to Young Rider heights (about 3 years ago, before a long turnout in the back paddocks doing approximately nothing). Haven't managed a clear round on her yet, and she is an interesting ride, but lots of fun. She is getting ridden about once a week at the moment so her joints don't get too stiff from a winter holiday.

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