May 06, 2013


My horses have been taken and replaced with woolly mammoths! They certainly aren't looking show-ready at this time of year, but I am glad that they seem to be holding their weight. After HoY I weaned Cody off hardfeed and since then her and Neo have really only been on grass with a half slice of hay each on rainy days. I've just grabbed some fibre sure this past weekend as the temperatures are starting to drop - they don't really need it, but it makes me feel happy to be able to give them a little feed while I go and swap rugs / check legs and all that jazz.
Yesterday was a stunning sunny day (out of the blue and unexpected, but very nice to have!) so the ponies had the whole day without rugs - so nice for them. Still not feeling motivated to do anything more than the odd ride every week or fortnight. Next horse-related goal is probably to get off my bum and take the truck for it's CoF!


Beckz said...

Not tempted by the winter series at manfield then?

perfk said...

tempted, for sure.... actively getting my shit together and a horse in work and the truck COF'd and losing enough weight to fit into my jods without scaring small children.. hmm... maybe less so!