September 08, 2006

early morning

Up at 5.45 this morning to get to Silviapples and give her a morning feed. She'd been in the front paddock with Missy last night on good grass - and they were a bit upset to be taken away from each other, but Apples settled down quite quickly once I put her back in her usual paddock with food.

Yesterday she was naughty to begin with - I think it's directly related to how much I'm feeding her. The last few days I'd run out of coolfeed and and she was a little angel... but then I got a full order of feed from Action Feeds and now I have upped her feed again. But her naughty spats are getting shorter even on the big feeds - it's like she's beginning to work out that I'm in charge and she just needs 5-10 minutes to get things out of her system. After a warmup she started to work quite nicely, but a little bit of that disunited canter was back, so I did heaps of canter work and transitions to and from canter. By the end of it we were both very sweaty and tired, but she was going great and the canter work was very steady and quite supple. So I gave her a huge feed and brused her while she ate it all (as she was going out with Missy so had to finish her dinner before going out). She and Missy were fine their first time being paddocked together too - no squeals or anything.