September 24, 2006

oh my gosh, toes

Swifty drove the truck to Upper Hutt for me on Saturday morning (well, I drove the first few kms, but I'm not really sure that counts in the scheme of things). The drive went really well - our first 'long'er journey with Silviapples. She kicked around before we got moving as her and Missy were having a whinnying contest and complaining about being taken away from each other. But she was fine once the truck was in motion.

Found where we needed to be and wandered down a lane at Totara Park to find Lynne from the board who was going to do Silvi's barefoot trim. We were there quite early so I went back to get the truck (we weren't sure if there was going to be turning room down the gravel road at first) - so I got to navigate out of our parking spot and through a gate and down the gravel road all alone, very exciting. Anyway, by the time I got there they'd already got through her front hooves (with poor Swifty holding her!). Apparently Miss Silvi had been a bit naughty, but she didn't really act up while I was there. Her toes were a little tender after - so good thing we had the truck closer (the gravel road was about 2km!). Loaded her up and took her home. She was quite sweaty when we unloaded - no idea why. Poor horsey. The drive went fine, so maybe she was just hot as I did leave her travel rug on.

Popped her in her paddock with a feed and went on our way (the rest of the day and evening was to be dedicated to "car stuff").

Today I went out to ride and her toes were still sensitive, I walked her around the arena once, but wasn't keen to do any more than that. Hooves look great though.