September 20, 2006

no grandkids

Well it's a good thing that I hate kids, because my mother is certainly never getting any grandchildren after I decided to ride bareback on Monday. I went down to the road, did some trot work in the arena, and went around the paddock and through the creek (which silly large withered skinny horse decided to jump!). Owch. But she was so good - didn't put a foot wrong. And then when I'd finished my ride I sat on her bum and wiggled around all over the top of her, she really didn't seem to mind at all what I was doing up there, though she did look at me funny a few times.

Yesterday I headed out to Warehouse Grain and picked up some feed supplies - while I was out there the rain started, so I didn't ride (so lazy), but did put Silvi in her stable for the night with a huge feed. When I got out there this morning she was looking quite settled, had eaten her dinner, and had a little bit to drink... had also managed to pee twice! and hide all of her poo underneath clean shavings (odd). So I put her out naked in the front paddock with Missy - hopefully they won't be too muddy tonight!