September 11, 2006

onslow pony club

On Sunday the local pony club was having a rally, so I made contact with them to see if I could take Silvi down to socialise her and see what she was like off the property and in a busy situation with cars and floats and little kids and everything that comes with pony club. In return for some help setting up and some biscuits we struck a deal. Swifty came out too, which was a big help in terms of setting up jumps and things for them, and gave me a bit more time to play with Silvi.

She loaded on the truck well in the morning, and I drove her to the grounds (but I let Swifty put the truck through the gateway because it's a nasty slim and badly surfaced one). She had eyes on stalks when I first unloaded her, but calmed down very quickly and ate her breakfast while watching everything that was going on. She didn't panic when a float pulled up beside her, or when their horses got saddled and left.

She was good, if a little more perky than usual, to ride. I rode her alone for a bit and then took her through the creek. She refused to go through when we first approached, but after I circled her around she was fine. Then we practised standing still and watching others. Her tolerance for standing is getting better - but still not great.

After standing around for a bit I went and did some flatwork closer to some of the senior rides. Silvi didn't even seem to notice the other horses.

I'm very pleased with her behaviour in such a different environment and I'm now looking for a show to take her to where I can do a few dressage tests or some showhunter practise rounds on her.

The truck also had an exciting weekend - going all the way to Makara (over the dodgy back roads and then skinny bridge to the house) and then into town to help a friend move house.