October 25, 2008

Kody at the Arena

Kody came down to Grays Road today to meet Alicia. I'm going to have Alicia ride him in the pleasure horse classes at Wairarapa A&P show for me, so I wanted to see how they went together and if they 'clicked'. We got there and the weather wasn't looking too flash, a bit cloudy and threatening to rain:

Then I had a quick warmup on Kody to make sure he'd seen anything and wasn't going to have a spook at any of the scary things around the arena:

Then Alicia got on and just had a potter, getting the feel for Kody:

Followed by doing some suppleness work on him and trying to figure out what works for him and what doesn't. They went really nicely together. And Alicia's lovely thin legs look great on little babyhorse Kody:

Swifty also took a short video, which shows some of the canter work:

I also had Violet at the arena, and will upload her photos/video very shortly. I was really pleased with both horses today. I think poor Neo was a bit miffed at having to stay home (I only had a short booking at the arena). I'll have to make it up to him with apples!