October 20, 2008

Waikanae ODT

Sunday it was back in the truck again, not as far this time though (thankfully!). Neo & Violet were both entered in the Training class. We got there nice and early, and nabbed a great spot in the shade under a tree (it was such a hot day).
Dressage went great on both. Violet's test marks were not as good as the test felt, but after reading my sheet and talking to some people who were watching, I think I was not letting her go forward enough. But I was really pleased with how calm and accurate she was throughout the test. Neo's marks were awful as usual, but I'm noticing big changes in him, he didn't rush at all - and a friend who was watching said he was actually starting to look like his trot stride is swinging more these days - yay! Progress is being made. He did great halts again too, so I think that particular nut is cracked.
Showjumping would have been better if I didn't turf off in the warmup! I didn't get Neo warmed up enough and he just sort of stopped in front of a jump and I feel off like a right idiot. He was fine after a few more trot circles to get him a bit better warmed up, poor fella, he probably had no idea what was going on. Collected faults on both of them at the planks, stupid planks! But lovely calm rounds from both, so no complaints from me!
XC was really great. Violet gave me a fantastically easy ride (in her mullen mouth rubber bit!), spooked at the ditch, but then popped over it no worries - and no hesitation at all over the later ditch (palisade). She was great with the corner, water, bank and all those 'crosscountry' type fences. I am really happy with how she went and will aim her for an Open start at the next ODT in a few weeks.
Neo's XC was just supercool. He went clear (timefaults though, but hey, he always gets timefaults). Never even looked at anything the wrong way. I just can't believe this is the same horse that came down to me 11 months ago. I am going to have so much fun on him this season!
Overall Neo came 4th, and Violet 5th! Rosettes for both, yay! And prizemoney, more yay! The ponies with their rosettes at the end of the day, and a pic of me sitting around waiting (this is proof that I need more horses to ride - anyone who has time to sit around doing nothing needs more horses!):