October 25, 2008

Violet at the Arena

Violet came to the arena mainly to have a bit of a stretch of her legs, pop over a few bigger fences, and for me to practise getting my eye in for her stride. She was a real sweetheart, and just cantering along on the buckle and listening to me all the time.
We did some work over small fences, just half-barrel and the like. It was good to just practise counting down to myself and picking the spot we both wanted to jump from. Violet was really adjustable today as well, happy to come back to me and jump from my spots even though sometimes they weren't the most perfect. She's so calm about everything too.
I didn't want to jump her too many times, but couldn't resist popping the double up a little and having a play. This fence measured at just over 1.40m, and she made very light work of it:
As Nick was taking photos, Swifty was videoing, so we got some video of us pottering around and popping through the double at the end: