October 05, 2008

Zak gets gelded

Mum picked up Zak about a week agok, bringing him 'home' to her place in Pahiatua. And last week his balls had finally dropped enough to make a call to the vet and give him the chop (Zak that is, not the vet). Suspect that Zakky may have been a bit uncomfy, as one of the balls was still sort of up/stuck - and Mum went to trim his feet and he broke away, jumped 2 fences, and then got kicked in the head by the pony over the other side (good one, Zak). I'm told that after the op he was great to have his feet trimmed though, and seemed much happier.
One ball had dropped and was 'regular' size (about a tennis ball, perhaps) and the other one that was still up was much smaller - pictured beside Mum's flip-phone so you can sort of see the size. Oh, and a cute piccy of Zak with a hoofmark on his head (fool):
Now we've got about another month of babying Zak while all the chemicals and whatnot settle, but then he'll be able to be paddocked with anyone! It will make things a lot easier.