September 30, 2008

Daylight savings

Daylight savings has made riding after work so much easier! Tonight I was able to get 3 horses worked over 2 rides on the hills and still have heaps of time to potter around down at the sheds. I decided to pony Alfie off Neo, as Alfie had a sore leg last week and is only just coming back into work, so I wanted something nice and easy for him. He seemed to really enjoy it once we got up on the big hills and into a steady trot. My cute boys:
Then I took Violet up on the hills as her fetlock is all better after the knock. It was her second time on the hills and she wasn't spending her time looking at everything else this time, so we were able to get in a better ride. She's not hill fit though! We did a very short trot and then she was puffed and sweaty, poor darling. Miss Vi:
Kody and Pip stayed down at the yards and didn't do anything except eat dinner tonight. Lucky animals!