September 22, 2008

New Horse! Violet

Yes, another new horse! Violet (Wynyard Irish Kiss) joined the lineup on Sunday afternoon after a fantastic last outing with her previous Mummy. Rackil & Violet did their first Elementary start and picked up 3rd place, putting registered ESNZ points on Violet's scorecard. What a great start to the season! And great for me too, as I am looking forward to increasing my dressage mileage, and Violet will be a great schoolmistress for that.
Vi has been mainly doing dressage and showing lately, but we'll be looking to get her jumping fit again and get her back on the horse trials circuit and get some showjumping starts into her. She has done Novice HT before - so it certainly shouldn't take much reminding once she sees those XC fences.
Piccies of Vi last week at home (I'll try and get some this week of her down here):
I had my first ride on Vi tonight and she was fab! Rather full of herself (and in love with Neo already!) but within 2 minutes she was completely focused and supple. She has the most fantastic movement - not huge warmblood paces that are overpowering, but just really fluid and rythmic - I'm absolutely impressed! After doing some basic walk/trot/canter to get the feel of her I took her over the bridge, through the creek and just generally around some spooky things and she didn't bat an eyelid! She was more than happy to splash around in the creek.
I have plans for Vi to go to QEP for the XC training this coming Sunday. She probably won't be up to heaps of jumping, but it should be a really good refresher for her and a great way for me to get to know her better. So far she seems like an absolute push-button schoolmistress.