September 14, 2008

Clipping & unexpected things

It was so sunny today! I wanted to go for a ride, but am still at the tail end of this flu/infection so the prospect of brushing all the mud off, riding and then having to hose all the sweat off and dry the horses was just about the most unappealing thing I could think of! So I decided to have a go at clipping Neo! So that next time I head out for a ride it'll be a bit easier to do all the grooming stuff. I know that Neo has been clipped before, and expected that he'd behave pretty well. I tied Kody up beside him so that Kodes could learn all about the scary noises that clippers make and discover that they're not going to kill horses. Neo was an absolute angel, and I even got his legs done. I wasn't feeling too tired so I thought I'd give Kody a go and he was really great too! A little twitchy around his legs, so we didn't finish those - but I was really happy with both boys. Clipped Neo & Kody enjoying the sunshine, while Alfie & Pippa do their best impression of homeless people:
Neo, of course, managed to roll and get himself filthy in the short amount of time I had him outside naked. I've got a good white sun-sheet for him... but just looking at how pink he is in these pictures I think I will also need to invest in some sun shade paddock boots so he doesn't get sunburnt legs.

I brought the horses back in to put rugs on the boys again and decided to clean up Alfie a little (I'd left his legs on when I clipped his body previously). I couldn't get his legs 100% dry, so I clipped all of the chestnut parts of his legs, then just whatever bits of his white socks were dry. A bit of a hack job, but I think he looks tidier and if this sunshine keeps up I will be able to do the rest of his white socks one evening this week. As I was clipping Alfie's legs in the tractor shed, Pippa invited herself to the door to have a nosey. She wasn't too worried by the noise of the clippers which got me all motivated...
I took Pip's rug off and got her into the shed, but she's not too keen on enclosed spaces still - so she was a bit worried (all crazy eye!) so I untied her and took her back outside, grabbed the clippers and rubbed them on her neck and she didn't seem bothered at all... before I knew it poor Pippa was half clipped too!

Kody and Neo would just like everyone to know that when you are eating it is mandatory to lift a leg and paw at everything in sight. Also a cute pic of the horses eating and Neo looking a bit confused (he's such a sweetie):
Waikanae Spring Show next Sunday! And collecting Violet... Will be a busy weekend.