September 22, 2008

Waikanae Spring Show

Sunday was Waikanae Spring Show. I'd intended to take Alfie for a ride around to get accustomed to the atmosphere, but he banged his knee overnight and had a treestump for a leg in the morning, so that was a no-go. Kody is on a short break. So that just left Neo to compete!

So it was a very laid back morning (still took Alfie & Kody along for the drive), and a leisurely start to the day. Neo did a super clear round in the showhunter ring, a couple of missed lead changes and rather a lot of energy! But still so much improved from last season.

What I was really really pleased with, though, was Neo's showjumping Ring1 start. He warmed up really well, not even tanky or fizzy. Unfortunately I stuffed him up into the 2nd fence by taking a (really!) bad line into it and trapping him under it. He worked some magic and climbed over it, but we had a rail. Last season he would have stressed a bit, or been slightly distracted by that. But not now, he just came back to a good collected canter and focused on the next fence. The rest of the round was clear and I am totally bummed to have stuffed him up into that second fence. No jumpoff for us!

Think he may have tweaked a muscle getting me out of trouble at that second fence, so our next showhunter was really off. So packed up for the day so he could get his cuddles and his dinner.

Also exciting things!
I met Rackil who dropped off Violet who will be staying with us (more details soon)
Kody is now loading perfectly without a bumrope or any additional encouragement! What a good boy!