September 28, 2008

QEP XC Training

Was planning to take Violet out today for an outing and a few cross country fences, but she banged her leg on Saturday morning, and it's a tiny bit puffy. Thought it wasn't worth trying to jump while it's like that (especially as she is out of practise). Such a shame though, I was really looking forward to doing some XC on her. She's been a total doll at home, just cruising around. But Neo was still keen to get out and do some jumps, and I thought it could be a nice stress-free outing for Kody to come along and just walk/trot and not do any jumps.
Helen (Neo's old owner) was down for the weekend - so me, her, Nick & Swifty all piled into the truck with Neo and Kody in the back and headed to QEP. Got there far too early, so headed on up to Woolworths Paraparamu to pick up some beer & wine to enjoy in the sun (it was so sunny! absolutely a summer Sunday), then headed back to QEP and started getting the hores ready:
Also met up with Alicia (riding Amy) and one of her friends, and Kaycee from the horsetalk board came along too! There were a bunch of additional supporters on foot as well. We looked like quite the tribe heading around.
Neo & Helen modeling Helen's pink bridle (note: not Neo's bridle! I have not yet been able to convince anyone that it's a good idea for me to buy him a pink bridle), and Me on Kody, with Helen & Neo in tow warming up:
Kody was a real star, just cruising around with Helen. Absolutely unphased by anything. I was really proud of him. After a while I thought it would be good for him to walk up a little bank, but he did a big leap over it and then seemed quite uncomfy afterwards. We took his saddle off and he seemed to immediately settle, so he needs more work on his back. I am thinking I will send him up to Masterton for a rest at Mum's place and get a few recurring chiro or massage sessions for him until he's feeling 100% again.
Neo warming up (he's so pretty), and popping over the ugly training plywood table thing:
And doing a few types of fences that are quite new to him.. the Novice drop off the bank (he did the full combination with the bounce and jump before as well) and the Novice ditch. He's done baby versions of these sorts of fences, but nothing like this before and he was just so calm about everything. I am over the moon with him:
We also did the water, which was very deep! Out of the water and up over the ramp:
Such a fantastic day, and very pleased with both horses. It feels like summer has started and I'm feeling so motivated and enjoying it so much at the moment. Can't wait to have a really cruisy and fun season on Neo, just cementing the things he learnt last season. Plus all the other amazing horses I have at Odenhills this season - it's going to be a great one!