September 09, 2008

XC Training

Took Kody and Ned out to introduce them to solid obstacles at the Waikanae PC XC training day. Ned's owner Sarah came out and took some pics, and rode Ned for some of the outing. We didn't get there as early as I thought we might (my fault! my flu-self only operates at half speed) so we missed out on the Intro level flags... which meant we had to take these green as grass horses around the PreTraining fences!
It actually ended up being a fab day. Sarah introduced Ned to water, and then I hopped on him to see how he'd take to the jumps. It took him a while at once fence to work out exactly what was required of him, but once we got over that fence we were on fire! Headed off to do 3 in a row straight away, including fullsize PT fences. Also did a palisade too, Ned just wasn't bothered by anything, not spooky at all! Only managed to get one jumping pic, but you can see how confident he is and how nicely he was jumping:
Kody also jumped really well, but he's overjumping a lot - and then I think he's scaring himself a little, so is losing confidence rather than gaining it. I'm glad I took him out to the training day, but now I will take a step back and get him over more grids and little crossbars until he is happier and not clearing everything by a country mile. Cute Kody drinking the waterjump filthy water:
So I was pleased with the day, but absolutely stuffed at the end of it! Have now finally gotten myself to a doctor and have antibiotics for chest and sinus infection, so hopefully I can get better in time for Waikanae spring show, as I'd like to take 3 or 4 horses out to that.