April 21, 2009

Farm Progress

With winter quickly closing in it's been right about time to get cracking on some things around the farm to ensure we're prepared for the wet and cold months ahead. We cleared a shed that was in a pretty terrible state of repair, and have kept the concrete base. This base is going to be the foundation for a hosing bay & farrier's area. A lot of hard work has gone in from Brad, Nick and even Michael Thomson from down the road. All that is left to do at this stage is to grind down some bolts that stick up from the concrete, and of course to build a hitching rail. The plan is to put a hitching rail along the same side as the tree (which will mean it's out of the way for the truck getting in and out of the driveway! I will soon be able to turn my truck with a genuine 3-point turn rather than the bastardised 13-point turn I've been doing! yipee!). Here is how it looks so far (looking up the driveway):
And I took today to finally shift my 'feedroom' out of the truck and back into the real feedroom/woolshed. It was great to give it a long overdue cleanup and get all the feed out of the truck so I can use my gear lockers again. Piccies of hosing bay looking down the drive, and feedroom area:
So I'm feeling very enthusiastic at the moment! Still have a few million tasks around the farm to do, but at least I'm seeing some progress today - so that will keep me motivated for a while!