April 29, 2009

Finally Pippa

After what seems like forever, Pippa is actually coming through for me a bit! I had spent 2 months recently of working with her legs every single day trying to get her to pick them up nicely... and just constant failure. I had set up to get a local friend to help out, just hadn't organised the day. Then today after a few weeks of not really interacting with Pippa at all I decided to have another go.

Well, I tell you I could have almost cried. I could pick up both front legs (not for ages, but long enough to pick out and probably long enough to tidy/trim a little - which will be the next step!). Back legs not quite there yet, but I'm not fussed about that. Baby steps.

Then I lay over her a bit. She's been pretty good with that lately, but I've not trusted her enough to put my full weight on. Today I lay over her, then shifted my weight around up there, then dismounted from the off-side. Did that a few times over, and then sat up on her properly and she was really good.

Feeling enthusiastic (and perhaps pushing my luck) I went and grabbed her bridle. She let me put it on straight away like a normal horse (not having to undo the cheek pieces or anything like that). So then I hopped back on and rode her... ok, so I only rode her 5 metres! Then I thought I'd probably pushed my luck as far as I needed to and hopped off.

Chuffed with that.


Beckz said...

I would like some of your brave thanks, that would be great. I'm glad your persistence has paid off.

Beckz said...
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perfk said...

half-brave, all stupid! I did it while nobody was home (which I know is so dumb... but she's got real trust issues and is so much easier when there aren't other people around). still going to get my mate from down the valley to help me with some of her groundwork though - she is very much an alpha mare and so much stronger than any I've had to deal with before.

It feels great to be making progress though! I thought it'd never happen!!

Swifty said...

Next time call me you nub. you are so naughty

somebody said...