May 02, 2009

Photos of Pip

Today I decided to do some more work with Pippa, but this time Nick came down to keep an eye on me for safety - so we took the opportunity to snap some pics too. Since the last update I have sat on Pippa once more (but didn't bridle her, just tied her to the fence and sat on her) and also clipped up the back of her legs to tidy her a little. It amazes me that she is so untrusting about so many things, yet thinks the clippers are fine and dandy. She was alright with having the reins over her head:
And then great for having the bit in her mouth and pretty good for letting me put the headpiece over her ears. This is such a change from the horse that we used to have to take the bridle apart and reassemble it on her face when mouthing her.
I lay over her, and then hopped on and she wasn't too fussed. I had Nick stand in one place so she wasn't too distracted by him and that also helped to settle her and keep her focus on me.
I gathered up my reins (yes, and leadrope - I've left her halter and lead on with her bridle) and we did a little circle. She got a bit confused about coming back after walking away fine.. and we ended up having to get Nick to lead us back to the rail! But I'm really happy overall. I will have to go back to doing her long reining just to ensure she remembers all of the signals I'm giving her so we don't get stuck next time we're trying to do a little circle.
Not sure what I want to achieve with her in the next little while. I think I really just have to play it by ear and not rush things. She'll let me know when she's ready to do more. But I do need to get on with a saddle at some point, I guess.