May 28, 2009

Coco arrives!

Coco arrived at about 7.30 this morning on the transporter. Apparently she travelled very well to the depot, and not as well today (by herself) - but seemed quite relaxed as she came up the road to our place, no banging around or kicking. I'm told she didn't drink much last night so have marked how full her waterbucket is in the yard and will monitor that. She certainly tucked into her hay pretty quickly! Led her around and showed her the place, then popped off her earnet & plugs, put a rug on her and have left her in the cattleyard beside Dix.
Dix, of course, is super happy to have someone to talk to... and Coco is just ignoring him! Poor Dix. Lucky Kody's old rug fits perfectly, as it had completely slipped my mind to get pony sized rugs! I also have some underrugs that will fit, so that's fantastic.
Have a few things on today, so not going to gear up or ride her yet. Will spend some time just getting her trust up. She seems very cute so far, and should be fun.