May 30, 2009

More horses

More horses today. Not new ones though. Headed up in the truck this morning (empty truck over the Rimutakas... makes for a much quicker time!) and met up with Mum. Did some errands around town, gave a lesson, and then headed out to Mum's place to pick up horses!

I've got Gem, who is coming back into work. The plan is that I will have her for 2 weeks just to get some solid work into her as Mum has been super busy lately. Then I will return her to Mum for Solway dressage in a few weeks.

And also picked up Kody who is coming back into work and will hopefully have a nice full winter season of outings.

They both travelled beautifully and were even well-behaved while I rugged them up and put them out (same can't be said for when we were trying to take their rugs off to load them up! crazy excited horses for a little while there). Managed to pop into RD1 a few mintes after they closed, but they were nice enough to let me in so I could grab some additional fencing stuff which will give me some work to do tomorrow (laying underground cables for electric fencing).