May 25, 2009

Pippa Session 2

Last week Pippa and I had our second session with Alan. It's really good having someone else around when introducing new things to her. I can work between the sessions quite comfortably and introduce very small new things, but I think it is great for everyone's safety if there is someone else around as we make real leaps forward.

I can now pick up all 4 feet - she's still not great with the back ones and may pull away occasionally, but she is absolutely getting better and seems to trust me very well. She's leading up at my shoulder again too (she had started hanging back and being a little nappy when we first started on a couple of the new training methods - but now that she understands what I am asking she seems confident to 'remember' what we had taught her previously). It's a long slow road, but hopefully it's all worth it in the end. Going to try and get her hooves trimmed this week! Then we can really start doing a bit more variety of work.