May 06, 2009

Tracking Pippa

Had a friend come out on Monday to show me some groundwork exercises I can do with Pippa (with a view to getting her comfortable picking up her feet so we can get them trimmed). It went really well, especially with Pip having to accept a new person around her. I now have a whole heap of things to play at with her, and another session booked for Thursday to see how we're going.

Yesterday I worked mostly with the ropes and did some legwork. She was showing a bit of dominance, which I am working hard to recognise in it's smallest forms so I can address it before it becomes an issue.

Today was really fantastic - did some leading work and something similar to lunging but not quite (just really getting her to respond to my requests based on a number of cues). Then I did a little more legwork and she was fantastic. Never even put an eyelash out of place. Even had her dinner in the shed too (she was still a bit nervous about being in there - especially with the thunder and lightening), but she never pulled back or made a fuss.. just got a bit wide eyed!