May 25, 2009

Tielcey Park CT

Yesterday we headed up to Teicley Park for their winter combined training (dressage & showjumping... so sort of like eventing - but there is no cross country, this is my kinda event!). The weather looked like it was going to be absolutely horrid, but turned out pretty good. A few showers here and there, and a bit murky (so the camera didn't cope too well and therefore not many pics, sorry). But overall the weather was about the best you could ask for with how cold and rainy it's been lately.
I'd entered the 2 geldings in the Training level, and Xev in PreNovice. A mixup in the entries meant they put Xev in the Training too - and I decided to leave her there as I suffered an injury to my hand on the farm during to week. I still couldn't hold the reins very well (and driving was a bit interesting!) but the horses all looked after me very well considering I certainly wasn't giving them a straight quality ride!
Dix was fantastic. He warmed up without any fuss and did a nice enough dressage. It was probably the weakest dressage we've done together, but I was just stoked that he was behaving 100%. His owner is looking to take him back next weekend and see if she has the time to keep him in work herself for winter - so I am really pleased that he finally seems to be back to his old self for her.
Poor Xev didn't get much warmup as I'd knocked my hand while fluffing around in the truck and reopened the wound, so I wanted to get things over and done with as quick as possible. But, as always, Xev didn't mind. She did a nice dressage and the judge commented on her lovely transitions.
Dani was sporting his fancy new halfclip! We got half up the neck before he decided this really wasn't something he was keen on. So will have to do a few more session this week to try and make him presentable. His dressage was a bit uneven (sprung a shoe), but I am pleased that he is now moving off the leg and going forward properly. A little bit of bend work to be put in, but that should be easy with the basics all working well now. I am very pleased with how he has come along.
We had a really long wait before the jumping. There were straight showjumping classes that we could have entered, but I wanted to save my hand for the 3 rounds I needed to do, then do any extras after that. Dani (first pic below) did a super clear round - didn't back off any fill and did some very tidy flying changes.. he seemed really happy out there. Dix (blue & white jump pic) was super too... another neat clear round, and he was listening really well and coming back to me quite well with just my seat.
Xev did a beautiful clear round - getting me out of trouble several times! I actually went back to enter her in a larger class later, only to find out they'd closed off entries without announcing it. Such a bummer. Oh well, we'll know for next time. Xev 2nd overall, and the geldings 5th &6th! Really stoked with them all. Got home in the pitch black. Swifty helped me unload & rug up, then Pie came down and helped me close up the truck. Then I spent the rest of the night in front of the fire!
I will absolutely be back for the next combined training day, and may have also picked up the ride for that event on a friends horse to keep me busy.