May 17, 2009

Videos instead of Dressage

Okay so I was all set to go to the Horowhenua dressage group's winter training day and do a few Level2 tests. There was a huge storm overnight and I wasn't sure if it would still be on.. so I called the secretary listed on the programme only to find she was gone to Auckland and the people at her house had no idea if it'd be on. So I tried some other HDG members and everyone's phones were going straight to answerphone. I decided not to risk the 2.5 hours drive for a possibly cancelled event and I went back to bed!

Of course the weather was better by lunchtime, so we probably would have been okay. But instead I got to spend an hour clearing the driveway of fallen trees and parts of fences! It was certainly windy!

So today, instead of pictures from the dressage day, you can see some of the vids of the horses. Xev and Dix were taken this weekend, and the short snippet of Dani was from a few weeks back at the QEP training day.

Xev over some jumps. She is such a kind horse, and gets rider out of trouble when I stuff up strides occasionally! Also a few cute little angles over the last few fences.

Xev warming up for jumping... reminds me that I need to be more effective on the flat and ask more of her. She does lovely dressage, I just need to push a bit to get a little more sparkle out of her.

Mr DickyDick doing some jumps! We're still working on having me waiting for my fences so that he doesn't get too excited about it all. But he does get better as he warms up. The first few times I jumped him he was quite flat over the fences, but now he's starting to get some better form back.

And finally a little snippet (about 10 seconds!) of Dani through one of the combinations at QEP. It was his first time doing it, and though he had a little look at the ditch he still jumped it - he's a very honest jumper when it comes to things like that.

So... no competitions this weekend which is a real shame. I'm going to have to get out during the week in company as all the horses need a good outing amongst others. Hopefully the weather will play nice.