May 19, 2009

Wellington Eventing & Updates

Last night I plucked up the courage to attend the Wellington Eventing meet and greet night (which was combined with their AGM). I wasn't sure about going as I'm not much of a serious eventer, but they were all quite welcoming. There was (I felt) a really disappointing number of people there... even with the promise of free food and drinks. I'd absolutely recommend heading along to the next WE event for anyone who has an interest in the sport or the facilities used (QEPark) - and also any excuse for a catchup (boozeup?) with friends is good too. I hear a rumor that the next event - possaibly bowling at Lanes in the city? - will be purely social, so no meetings for those of you who don't like that side of it. Hopefully it will be a good night out.
Bella Rosa
Now I've been meaning to post these pics for ages but keep forgetting. Debbie has kindly sent some photos of Bella Rosa that she purchased from us. Bella is looking stunning! And she and Debbie are currently competing Novice dressage... and looks like they might even do some eventing this coming season! Yay Belle!
Northern Star
Toni has been doing a fantastic job getting Dee out and about before the end of the season. They had a few registered horse trials starts, and I got to watch them do a lovely cross country round over the tough PreTraining track at Himatangi/Central Districts a few weeks back.. and then come home with a lovely rosette for 7th place. Dee is currently having a well deserved rest and will come back into work for next season.
Rata Mill Lisbon
Kayleigh still has Bonnie, and I see this year they attended Pony Club eventing champs and came home with a double clear jumping! Kayleigh and Bons have really been a wonderful combination and it's great to see someone really taking advantage of all that little schoolmistress can give.
Touch of Spice
We've seen Spice and Kate out at a few local events this season, powering around the cross country courses. I have snapped a few photos of them, but will have to remember to ask Kate if I can post them up online for you all to see.
Sadly Devon is on rest at the moment after a shoulder injury. What a bummer, as he and Ang were going great guns together. We're sending healing vibes to Rotorua for Dev to get better soon so that he and Ang can get out there next season and kick butt.
Rochelle has bought a horsefloat for Grace and will be heading out to a number of the winter dressage competitions. We're looking forward to catching up with them at one of the Ohariu Valley dressage days.
Spies tell us that Silvi and Kate were spotted at Taupo for the young talent event that was held up that way. I'll have to keep my eye on the results this coming season!