May 29, 2009

Dani goes home

Dani has really improved not just in his way of going, but also his self confidence in the time he's been here. So today he has gone back home to continue his education there, and will stay in work and for sale. He will actually be paddockmates with another horse who used to be in the Odenhills team, "Scuba"! Such a small world.

And I didn't have the patience to wait any longer with Coco! I gave her a hose and a brush which she was very well behaved for, then tacked her up (just to see if any of my gear would fit, honest!). And because she'd been so laid back for that, I couldn't help but lay over her back. You know where this is heading, yeah? So I hopped on and took her for a walk around the sheds and things, then down the driveway and over a few brides.. through the stream. And then we did some circle work. The only thing she really did 'wrong' was being quite tricky into canter, she is running into the transition at the moment. But not bad for the first ride! Certainly not complaining. She wouldn't eat the apple I gave her as a treat after her ride... but Dix didn't mind as it meant he got 2!