April 13, 2009

Horowhenua Circuit Final

Busy Easter around here - with a few shows to go to. Started with Horowhenua circuit finals at Foxton on Sunday. Dani did a few 90cm classes (showjumping and showhunter) and is going kindly. Still need to find the go button for him though! The loss of impulsion makes it all a bit harder than it really needs to be. But you can certainly tell when you're ridng him that he's done all of this before.
Neo had a ball in the 2-phase AM5 showjumping in ring1. Lately he's not been getting his class till quite late in the day, so it was awesome to be on him early before the heat and boredom (okay, and my tiredness) set in. He got me out of trouble when I stuffed up my stride badly into an upright in the first round and then did a super jumpoff to win the class. He was very proud of himself with his red ribbon.
Xev had a super day. 2nd place in the circuit showhunter, a lovely double clear in ring1 showjumping (just a shade off the time, unfortunately), but she stepped it up for her next showjumping class to win it! She is doing some neat angles and seems to be enjoying it all. The showhunter judge had some lovely things to say about her as well, which I was chuffed to hear.
Anna did a nice showhunter -got our strides wrong down one of the lines, but I was pleased with how she went and think we've now sorted out the leads a bit better. An unfortunate rail in our first showjumping class but she was much fresher after a rest later in the day when she did her next showjumping and came 2nd (to Xev!). I think she's looking forward to the end of the season now and getting in some good hacking and chilling out time.
Very pleased with my team - all doing well and making improvements, while still giving me lots to think about and work on in between times. Need to get back to the good old 2 poles exercise and get my head back in the game for my striding though! Especially into the uprights. I was quite off-form with it this weekend!