September 14, 2009

Another Lesson

Had another jumping lesson with Andrew on Sunday - I took Gem along this time, as I was interested to see if we could fix a problem I have with landing too far forward on her (ie: on her neck!). That got fixed within the first half dozen crossrails, so it was totally worth it!

We then went on to do some grids and a course. Gem has been competing to 1m, and on Sunday we were doing up to 1.20 which was a good change of pace for us. Gem jumped great, I just need to ride her a bit more forward (same issue I have on Xev too). We had a bit of a stuff up at the very last fence we were doing, so had to re-do that a bunch of times to get back in the zone.. but really it was a great lesson and I am so pleased with Gem!