September 06, 2009

Waikanae XC Practise: Xev

Headed up to Waikanae today for their XC practise day. They only go up to Training height XC - but do have a few ditches and water, which is always good to get in some practise sessions with. I didn't get to showjump Xev as there were huge lines and the jumps only about 1m so not really worth sticking around waiting for them to get put up bigger.
The cross-country was set as a course, and the organisers wanted everyone to ride it as a course rather than practise specific jumps (of course it didn't happen that way! everyone just gathered at the trakhener & water). But I figured I might as well do the first half-dozen as a course. Xev popped over the first 2 really sweetly, through the creek and up over the skyline fence.
Then it was time to wait in line for the trakhener. We did the little one first which she jumped beautifully, and then the larger one which she did a catleap over. Then down to the corners (yes, the second pic below is actually a corner!).
The palisade under the trees, and the small bank that takes you back into the starting paddock:
The chevron double - small & larger options:
The rolltop, and a stride or two into the water (which was really deep!). Xev just trotted through, but she didn't hesitate at all which was great.
Overall it was a good first XC jumping for the season. But Xev was spooky (even around the truck & to handle) which is unusual. I will try to increase her equilibrium blue, and if I don't see a change inside the week I might look at getting some bloods run - because she's not normally this spooky. I mean, they're all a bit silly on the spring grass at the moment of course - so I am hoping the equilibrium will be enough to just help her be more settled like she normally is.