September 06, 2009

Waikanae XC Practise: Coco

Coco hasn't been doing heaps lately, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for her to have a jump around at Waikanae. Their intro XC course is all enclosed and has a cute variety of jumps. It was already quite busy by the time I got her out on course, but more good experience for her to be immersed amongst screaming and screaching young ponyclub girls on XC.
I started with this super awesome little log - and she popped over happily. Did it a few more times to get her into a bit more of a rhythm. Then headed up to do the rails:
We did the corner (yes, I am going to call this a corner, even though really there is just one rail with offset ground rails), and the ditch which although it's tiny she still tried at one stage to walk through instead of jump over! Think I need to introduce her to the idea of a trakhener to ensure she is jumping over the ditches properly!
Some more rails (a little double) and the palisade:
Then the water - she was an absolute superstar and went straight in even though it was very deep for a little Coco pony! Not a lot of impulsion left to get out of the water afterwards - but she managed to hop up without incident.
After her super XC I decided to pop her around some showjumps. It was very busy by this stage, and she was starting to get upset.. but once she got in the ring she was really good. If she has something to focus on she seems a lot better than if she is just standing around.
We went back to the truck and she very quickly settled again. She improves with every outing - so I can't wait to get my truck back on the road to ensure she comes along to everything just to get that exposure. She is an absolute darling while tied to the truck (especially at Waikanae which is right by the road). I can leave her tied up and know she'll be there when I get back, which makes life easy.