September 11, 2009

RUC Increase

Next month LTNZ is increasing the road user changes / distance licenses for diesel vehicles. So I've gone through and updated my spreadsheets for the new figures and it is actually pretty scary. Per kilometer travelled the RUC are far more expensive than the diesel used.

I am still using Mum's truck at the moment, and loaded it up and went out to a weigh bridge so I could ensure we are running it on the correct weight sticker. Thankfully we are. I would really urge people to do this - our local rubbish dump charges just $10 to weigh a vehicle, and it's good to know beforehand what weight you are - than to be facing a huge fine when you get pulled over at a weigh station by the police.

The newest RUC figures mean that my truck will be charged around $300 per unit (1000kms). That means the places I go regularly (Tielcey Park in Palmy, and Solway in Masterton) will each cost more than $100 just in RUC & diesel. That is pretty scary. Each time I go down the road to the local arena where I school, it's $10! I think I will be planning my outings this season very carefully - and never leaving home without a full truck!


Talisman Farm said...

Very scary indeed. My Landcruiser pretty much only gets used when towing and that is not often due to the cost - will be even less often now I am guessing *sigh*

perfk said...

Yeah - the cost of running 2 trucks through the season, plus mum has a diesel daily-driver too, it's gonna be crazy! And the money tree I planted just will not seem to grow!

somebody said...