August 29, 2010


Up to Masterton today to visit Mum (our 2 cars parked beside each other below) and managed to easily fit 4 bales of hay in the car with quite a bit of room to spare! A bit different to last season when I was transporting hay with the bmw!
Torrential rain most of the day today - feels like someone is playing this huge joke on me. As soon as I get motivated again and the horses are all going well, we have another week of unrelenting rain.


Anonymous said...

Great you found a tow vehicle! Now for the float! You should blank out the rego numbers in the photo - just to be on the safe side!

Anonymous said...

Check out!

Anonymous said...

we' look forward'to see how your neo'gos' in this new''sesson'
i'see you have'taken him down to a slower'and lower' jump hight'it is good'to take horse's bank to sound'training'leave's and have a sound'look into what we as trainer's are doing
good' luck'out there'