August 28, 2010

Tow Car

On Friday I picked up my new (second-hand, but new to me!) tow car. I took a bus up to Palmerston North, which actually wasn't too bad, however it does make me wonder what we did in the days before mobile internet? As I swear I spent half the journey reading forums.
The car is an '04 Nissan patrol... seems nice enough so far - so pretty pleased with my purchase. Today I borrowed a float from HorsePark and had my first ever attempt at towing. It really wasn't bad at all. Reversing will take some practise, but I got everywhere I needed to and most of my 3-point turns I managed in just the one swing... just a couple that I mucked up and needed to go back and forth a few extra times!
Piccies! First the car with borrow float (and Xev inside!) and then the fuel readings. I'm told they can be expensive cars to run, but I didn't think it's been too bad so far. I took the pic a little earlier, but when I finished driving for today & parked up I'd done over 200kms and was still easily above halfway on the main tank. Be interesting to see how much it changes if I am towing more than 1 horse or a larger float.
In order to make my 'learn to drive' trip worthwhile, I took Xev up to Grays road and did a bit of jumping (not heaps.. she is still a bit fluffy so gets very sweaty!). Will pop up some photos of that later on.

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