August 01, 2010


Headed up to Masterton today for a bit of an outing - took the horses for a ride at Panorama equestrian. Gem was full of bounce, but as always, happy to be out and about.
She pulled a little bit as I was warming up around the jumps, but was very steady once we started jumping. After jumping I did some stretches/exercises to help with my stuffed shoulder (while Gem tootled around) and then did some bareback schooling on her. She was great bareback and I will absolutely do more work on her that way - I was able to get her to listen to my seat and legs far more effectively.
Mum had a ride on Neo. She's ridden him twice before - but mostly just on a long rein/hacking. So today she had a chance to get to know him a bit better.
After a warmup they popped over a few crossbars and through a double and it went really well. Neo was pretty well behaved, and Mum did very well giving him his head and being soft on his mouth.
Xev had her tootsies attended to and then we got out the sidesaddle. I am still not really sure if I'm 'doing it right' - but hopefully some of my sidesaddle buddies will be able to give me some tips and critique.
Mum did question as to why I wasn't smiling... I couldn't! Too busy concentrating! I haven't attempted another canter yet, so we just stuck to a trot.
Xev has been so lovely about it, and not phased at all by the sidesaddle (or the hilarious antics while I try to either climb on or release myself and slither off).
After riding the weather wasn't looking flash, so no photos of Daniel (Mum's new ride), Shante, Coco, or Zak! But I did manage to grab some feed & hay (thanks Mum) and get back over the Rimutaka hill before it got closed due to high winds. It was 2.5 hours from Masterton central, back to the paddock at Makara - which I didn't think was bad especially considering the weather was pretty awful for most of the drive.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen a physio about your shoulder?

There are lots of exercises you can do on the ground too eg

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