August 22, 2010

Winter Update

It's been so long since I've done an update... or really had much to update about. The horses are in mud, winter is not very inspiring. But I have sold the truck, and bought a tow vehicle and currently float shopping. I've also got a new job which has (so far) been really great - really giving my brain a bit of a workout.
Today I went up to Masterton to catch up with Mum, and see the new properties up there, and see her new horse. Daniel is a western-trained horse who belongs to a friend - he's going to spend the season with mum doing sporthorse things.
Mum has been getting him fit and working on his schooling and he's actually coming along really nicely. Starting to get his canter strikeoffs sorted out and carry himself a little better.
After Mum had warmed him up, I hopped on him to see what he was like. I cheated and wore spurs, so it was a little easier for me to keep him focused.
He is actually a real doll to ride - just goes around very laid back. And he tries quite hard to please, just sometimes doesn't quite know what you're asking yet.
Also caught up with Shante and Zak while I was over there (Zak has grown again!). Came home, with a trailer of lucerne hay, and spent some time with Neo, Gem & Xev. They are all feeling quite good - and there is the first little bit of spring grass coming through too, which is great news. May mean it's time to buy a bag of equilibrium blue though!
Great sunshine this weekend. I hope there is more where that came from, as it's exactly what I needed to give my motivation a kick up the butt.

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