April 12, 2007


Or I don't stop... I just bought more furniture! I haven't really gone on a spending spree, just a few things have cropped up in close timing, and they are things that the house needs. So last night on trademe a couch that looked like it'd fit nicely and suit the lounge was listed, and had a buynow, so I slammed that button quick smart (was a bargain I think). Here are photos:

It's a suede type material, same as the blue couch I have now. Should nicely split the living area from the dining area.

Good news though - I only have one more item on the 'big things I need to buy for the house' remaining. It happens to be a 2-stroke lawnmower, and they don't seem to go for cheap - but I'm sure one will crop up! And until then I'll just keep giving the lawn the evil eye.