April 17, 2007


Mum was down last weekend, and we were able to get a lot of work done on the place. I've also got some photos of my huge recent trademe shopping spree.

Mum did heaps of work on the paddocks, most notably making some steps so we can easily get to the paddock that the horses are in right now - and then also clearing a ton of gorse to make a nice wide track to get the horses in and out. There used to be a track there some time ago, but by the time we bought the place you couldn't even walk a single person through as it was so overgrown.
While Mum was busy doing that, Nick and I did some work in the garden - and even got out the hose and brush and cleaned the windows at the back of the garage so you can see out to the horses while working on cars or something. Oh yeah, and spent a bit of time admiring my lovely new decals I had made up to go on the side of the truck with our farm logo (okay, so we don't have a farm name yet, but it'll come).
Inside the house we had a heap of new stuff arrive. Swifty was really helpful and grabbed the horsetruck to collect it all during the day while we were at work. Our new couch means more than 2 people can sit and watch TV! Also closes in the TV/lounge area and makes it a bit more cosy I think.
Then we also got our new dining table which makes the dining space a lot more full, and now we can even have people over for meals! Shandy likes the table as it matches him. Oh yeah, and I got a new microwave with the Farmers vouchers I got when I left my old job - handy!