April 08, 2007

riding club show mum

So my Mum hasn't jumped/competed in about 12 years I think. I'm sure the last time was when she borrowed a little chestnut pony of mine for Masters Games in about '95 or something. She's sat on my horses, maybe once a season, since then. So today we decided to throw her in a jumping class on Silvi. It went really well, double clear, and they ended up getting 3rd! How tinny!

Warming up and practise fence:
First round:
More from the first round:
The jumpoff:
And with their ribbon:
Both horse and rider should be happy with that result! I know that Silvi was very tired thisafternoon and went to sleep under a tree, she deserved her nice big dinner later on too (until Odette and Zak stole the last bit of it).