April 17, 2007


Well Zak and Silvi are doing alright. They're certainly enjoying the feeding regime that Zak is on. Zak is starting to get a little bolshy, and I think it might be time to do some more work towards teaching him to tie up. He leads alright now, but I want to be able to tie him up at dinnertime or just to clean his cut that he got on his chest a few days ago.

On Friday we took the horses out of the paddock and moved them into yards. Zak wasn't too sure what to make of the yards - and hung out right beside Silvi a lot - but he was good, and even had a drink from the water bucket while I was watching him.

By Friday night they were ready to leave the yards and be moved into a different paddock up by the house - and that's where they have been staying. Lots of grass in there too, no wonder they're both full of beans.