April 08, 2007

riding club show

Today was the riding club show down at Meredith's. Sort of a final rally before winter (first rally I think we've had in the time I've been there anyway). Good fun.

Turnout 4th
Combination 1st
Egg and spoon 4th
Flour race ? don't remember - too busy choking on flour glue
Egg in bucket 2nd
Jumping 3rd (with Mum)

Dragged Silvi out of the paddock and she was, as always, very well behaved. Not too keen on the standing still parts (especially in turnout), but we walked a few circles and that seemed to keep her occupied. She is feeling a lot better through her hind quarters too. Mum came down to do the driving, and Swifty came along to be social - which was nice.

Games were a bit funny - never tried on her before, and she was rather slow off the mark, but at least didn't get too fussed about anything. Wasn't too keen on the drum to start with, but just took a little time (didn't help that my short little arms couldn't reach all the way down from her very easily)

Jumping was great - she was a dude for me (though had a rail) and Mum took her in a class, but I'll do a post for that after. And because I'm tired, there will be no more narration, just pictures.