January 31, 2010

Battle Hill XC - Princess

Today there was a cross country practise day down the road at Battle Hill. It was only open for 90 minutes, so I decided it would be a good outing for Princess and Xev - and the others would just have to go another time. Coco and Edie came along to watch though. Princess was a little nappy in the first few minutes as she was warming up, but once I got her onto a trot circle she was fine. Pics of pre-training dog kennels and bank:

Over at the water she was pretty good- needed a bit of a kick to get in the first time but then was all good. Happy to trot or canter in, and did both the Pre-training and Training approaches.

She did think it was fun to drink from the waterjump! Not sure I would have done the same, personally! We did the lotto bank as well and she went off the PT/T as well as the Open drops really happily.

Didn't do any more with her, as she'd had a busy day yesterday and didn't want to make her think that jumping is no fun!