January 15, 2010

Coco back on board

We have had a bit of interest in Pippa recently, so I figured I'd better go get her from the neighbours place - Coco has been out there babysitting her too. So now both of them are back here with the team. I snuck a quick ride on Coco last night and she was so good! We only walked, but she was soft and responsive.

Sadly Flip will be heading back to his home this weekend, and it's just become really obvious that he is a horse who needs to make a very strong bond to feel secure with his rider. I was making really good progress with him, but then realised it would probably take a few months - and then it would be so unfair to put him through that stress again when selling him. So between his owner and I we have decided it would be best for him to stay with her, and to find either a sale or lease directly through her. That will also give his new rider an opportunity to begin to develop a bond with him while he's already in an environment he is comfortable and confident in. In some ways it's a shame, because he is so talented and cool... but it is the best option for all (especially Flip!).

So Coco will take Flip's place on the team - which means I need to start digging around and finding classes at local shows that will let me ride a pony (even H/C) so she can get some more mileage under her belt. She is looking great at the moment - really strong and keen.

It has been slow progress with Shante - we really went backwards rapidly after I gave her time off while I was on holiday for Christmas. But working out way back up.

Neo & Xev have started real fitness work this week (interval training on the hills) and they are so funny with it - exact opposites. Xev is little miss lazy, whereas Neo thinks it's the best thing in the world and hoons along farting and neighing!

Princess is staying on for at least a few more weeks - just to go to as many different places and get as much exposure as possible. I will also be competing her in Ring2 and possibly low showhunter classes at the local events.

Thinking about bringing Zak back over this side of the hill from Masterton, just so that Mum only has Gem & Alfie to look after. Still not planning to bring in Zak until after summer when the ground softens up nicely for his baby legs, but will be good to have him close enough to visit more often!