January 23, 2010

Upper Valley Equestrian Day

Mum came over from Masterton to Trentham for the Upper Valley equestrian day - so with my truck out of action I managed to talk her into hitching her horses to a fence down there, while I drove out in the car and borrowed the truck to get some of mine there. Made for a lot of driving and a long day - but worth it to get out & about.
Coco came along and had a ride around. I'd planned to do a Ring2 practise round but felt she had enough to look at in just being trotted around so I left it at that. Neo did a couple of Ring1 classes and placed 4th in them both (the AM5 2 phase and the Wellington Feed & Saddlery circuit class) - he was a bit off colour though - so didn't take him in the tableC class.
Mum did some showhunter practise on Gem, and a Ring2 class, then a dressage test (& came away with a ribbon!). Then I took Gem in a few classes as well. She wasn't too keen on the showhunter for some reason, but did a really nice round in the AM5 - especially considering the very slippery ground conditions and no studs in!
Mum took Alfie in the flat classes and he trotted around nicely, but wasn't as focused as he should have been and mucked up his workout. Alfie wasn't doing any jumping today as it was just far too slippery.
I took Xev in some Ring1 SJ and a showhunter class - she was a bit speedy in the SJ, but I was stoked with her showhunter round! A lovely controlled pace and making tidy work of it. Sorry no pics of either Xev or Alfie as there was just too much rain to get the camera out (and Mum & I both on horseback most of the day so not much opportunity to take pics anyway).
Next outing for us should be another XC practise day down at QEP midweek.

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