January 27, 2010

More QEP XC Practise

After work I headed out to the second of the Eventing Wellington twilight sessions at QEP. Took Xev and Neo to ride - and Coco and Edie came along to watch.
I didn't do heaps of jumping with Xev as she'd flicked a shoe - but I took her for a few good strong canters and I'm pleased to see her fitness is getting back up to where it should be. Xev found 2 big diggers in the middle of the course to have a look at (well, she didn't even seem to notice them! brave pony!), and the second pic is popping over the novice rolltop:
I walked Xev up to the bank to show her (as it had really long grass and was a bit hard to see the jump properly) - well, she launched up it practically from a halt and I got very left behind! (see pic!) - we came around and did it from a canter much nicer next time - but I just thought this pic was too funny to not include it.
At the waterjump (which had splashy water in it this time, thankfully!) I thought I'd be brave until I walked up to the larger drop (I hate drop fences) and even Xev thought I was joking at first. But she jumped off really nicely. I'm really pleased with that as it's her first time jumping over something to get into water rather than just dropping off like a bank. Xev seemed to have an absolute ball out on the XC - I swear she was smiling the whole way around.
Neo is still not 100% after the weekend, with a bit of the runs and being a bit spooky. I think the grass is really lush this year! But I wanted him to have a good hoon (which he loved). Pics below are a skinny to a ramp combo:
And into the water and back out the water. He did this absolutely foot-perfect. Such a dude. The same with the ditches on course too - he doesn't even hardly seem to notice them.
And of course Neo had a play with the diggers too - he looks so cute in between them. He was sweating after his ride but not puffing - I think he enjoyed going for a blast but would have preferred even more hooning around (too much walking according to Neo!).
Coco & Edie stayed tied to the truck while I was riding the others - and they were both perfect. We got a good spot where there weren't too many horses right up in their faces, but they could see lots of horses cantering past.
Cute pics of Coco loading - awesomest pony ever.
Before heading home I took Edie for a lead around and got her a bit closer to some horses jumping and cantering around - she had a good look, but didn't misbehave at all.
And she took the opportunity to have a pick of grass too!
Edie is also now loading really well - easily a one person job to get her up into the truck, turned around, and partitions closed. She is still sweating during the journey - but I think a little less each time. I put her beside a different horse on the way out there & the way back (but left a space on the other side of her so it wouldn't be too many new things). She seems to enjoy meeting other horses... even if they aren't always too impressed with her sniffing and being nosey.
Thanks to Swifty for taking the pics and walking around in the hot sun. It was really stunning weather today! Got a show this Saturday at Battle Hill, then XC practise the following day too (likely take Princess to that one). Then Danneverke A&P the following weekend for Xev & Neo (have finally bitten the bullet and registered Neo!).


alicia said...

Yay for Neo being reg now you guys can make it to the HOY class ;)
Love that pic of xev up the bank thats just awesome haha.
And coco looks so good now, think the last time i saw her she was still wolly, she's looking really pretty in her summer-ness

perfk said...

Coco would like to have you know she ALWAYS looks pretty :p hehe
Have sent off entries for Neo for Danneverke A&P.. registered SJ! My god - he'll be horrified I'm sure. No more slacking off :)

Anonymous said...