January 13, 2010

QEP XC Practise

Headed up to the twilight XC practise at QEP today with a truckload. Neo & Shante came to watch, and Flip came along for a walk but wasn't really settled enough to get any benefit from going around the course. So that left Xev & Princess to mosey around with heaps of time.
Xev has had some time off, so her fitness wasn't good enough to really have at it - but we went for a bit of a hoon and jumped some fences. She was feeling great, and has finally worked out the secret to 'jumping' into the waterjump instead of just hopping off the edge.
We also did the ditch combination and a few simple fences - she was feeling so full of herself and keen into the fences, it was really great! Very tempted to do more... but not fair on her - so also spent quite a bit of time just walking around and letting her soak up the atmosphere.
Princess did really well today - a small tantrum near the end of her ride, but once she got back on the job she was all good. She just learns really quickly - I was surprised at how easy she made the waterjump.. it was empty, but she even jumped off the Training section with absolutely no issues.
We did the little bank, and the ditch combo, just as many 'different' things as we could find so expose her to it all. We only did 2 normal 'jumps'. Princess' owner came along to watch too, so it was nice to be able to show him how her confidence over fences has really come along.
Thanks to Swifty for coming out to take the photos, and help load the truck. Got home in super time, and even managed to get in a quick ride on both Neo & Shante when I got home.