April 05, 2010

Onslow DR - Coco

Coco was entered in 2 tests, the first was PC Test A (just walk & trot) - we warmed up in a quiet area with no other horses around and I was super pleased with the way she went in her test. Her only negative comments on the test sheet were around occasional counter-bend, but that will come so I'm stoked with her result.
A few hours later we got back on for PC Test K (with canter!). The grounds were much busier by this time and Coco had a wee tantrum by the truck not wanting to leave her friends. She was stressed out, and the test we did wasn't very good - but I was pleased that even when she got worried or scared she didn't lose the plot. She is growing up a lot in her brain which is great. And it was also her first time attempting a canter in a dressage arena (it didn't go well!) but a good learning experience for her to give it a go in quite a small space as she is inclined to 'run' into her canters.
Overall I have some good things to work on with her - and I'm pleased to have her out and about again. I think we will target some unregistered dressage days over winter just to get her amongst the atmosphere as frequently as possible.


Taylor said...

Hey there. So do you keep your horse at Papillion Equestrian Center? Or just do lessons? Because I'm thinking of buying a horse of my own and keeping it there. I'm pumped to get one because I have wanted a horse forever. I'm 14 and not really doing anything special with the horse besides riding it. No shows or anything. If you have any comments on it, please share them with me! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...